Queenstown Taxis Supports the new Locals Card


Entrepreneurial thinker Brendan Glynn is offering Queenstown Locals a one-stop shop for Queenstown discounts at over 52 businesses.

What is the LocalCard?

  • It’s an ID card that certifies to participating businesses that you are a Queenstown resident which entitles you to the discounts offered by these businesses.
  • The card includes varying discounts at bars, restaurants, massage parlours, tattoo parlours, clothing stores, electrical companies, adventure tourism, transportation & more.

The LocalCard idea arose out of a local frustration of paying premium prices in a world-renowned tourist destination despite being the locals that service the town.

Your LocalCard will be $49 for a whole year.

The cost of the card covers the printing costs, servicing & maintenance of the scheme.

When you sign up our company gifts you a $20 Queenstown Taxis voucher.

Why does Queenstown Taxis support LocalCard?

Queenstown Taxis elected to join the LocalCard’s array of participating businesses because we believe in supporting locals and local businesses. The high cost of living in our community can be demanding, and we believe LocalCard offers a support system for business and community members to appreciate one another.

To buy your card or find out more head to www.localcard.co.nz/Queenstown



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