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Choice – The Transport Revolution

Choice is a free app initiated by NZTA to offer people a range of transportation options within Queenstown all in one place. The app combines a comprehensive range of transport possibilities from buses, shuttles, taxis, ride-sharing services to boats.

Choice is a transformative means of engaging mobility services in the 21st century. The first of its kind in New Zealand, the app seeks to revolutionise the way people deliberate getting from A to B. It allows individuals the ability to review all their transport options with ease before booking. The Choice app provides individuals with estimates of what their transport options will cost in money & in time.

Choice is fully available on both the Android and Apple store to view, compare, and book your chosen method of transport. The app is currently in its pilot phase, meaning new features and transport providers are rapidly being added.

The newest update of Choice includes the ability to book a Queenstown Taxi up to two months in advance making planning the perfect trip around Queenstown, even easier. The advance bookings will be logged into “My Bookings” those using the app can easily view the information of all their upcoming trips. 15 minutes before their trip begins, they’ll get a notification and they can begin to track their booked taxi in real time as it arrives.

Choice app screen shot
Choice app screen shot

Key app features:
• Display of transport options with
– estimated prices
– travel time
• In-app immediate & scheduled booking ability
• Live transport tracking
• English, Japanese, Mandarin & German language options

Choice is an innovative response to the growing concern of traffic congestion in Queenstown & New Zealand as a whole. New Zealander’s have traditionally seen personal cars as the easiest mode of transportation. Choice encourages a cultural shift by providing Queenstown locals & tourists with easy alternatives to private cars.

Queenstown Taxis proudly joined with Choice in 2017 & will continue to work with Choice to make Queenstown mobility easier.

Choice is available on Google Play & the App Store:


For more information head to:    


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Article last updated 2018

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